Zimta Demands Teachers Salaries In USD

Zimta Demands Teachers Salaries In USD

THE Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) has urged the government to urgently look into its matter for consideration for USD payments before schools open.

Zimta secretary-general Mr Tapson Nganunu Sibanda yesterday said the association was concerned about the Government’s silence on the issue and urged the Government to address the issue before schools open.

“We are concerned because there is no progress in terms of the request we made to the Government. We thought the Government was going to call us for a meeting and address this issue. We are behind time and the silence might affect opening of schools.

“Our members are agitated and they want the Government to pay their salaries in foreign currency. The cost of living has increased and civil servants’ salaries have lost value three fold in 2018. We therefore want salaries to be paid in foreign currency considering that most service providers now prefer payment for services in foreign currency,” said Mr Sibanda.

He said apart from payment in foreign currency, teachers also wanted the unconditional reinstatement of vacation leave.

“Vacation leave for teachers was suspended in 2015 and Zimta contested the matter in court and won it in 2018.

“The Government should therefore give a clear policy direction on vacation leave since the court ruled in favour of the civil servants,” said Mr Sibanda.mate.

This piles pressure as another teachers union group under the PTUZ recently met president Mnangagwa demanding minimum salary of $3000.00 


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