Zimbabwe Soilders Banned From Wearing Uniforms In Public.

Zimbabwe Soilders Banned From Wearing Uniforms In Public.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces. ZDF in its quest to clear its name from the past series of crimes commited by man in their uniforms  has ordered an immediate ban of its comaflauge uniform in public or areas outside deployment. 

While Soilders are still visible in Harare by time of publishing, the ZDF leuitenant General Edzai  Chimonyo ordered that all Soilders seize to be dressed in the uniform claiming that this move will help them to identify rogue Soilders who have been on a rampage across the nation. 

Part of the memo reads:

“It has been noted with concern that ZNA uniform has been abused in offences being committed such as robbery, gold panning, fraud, theft and extortion among others. Some members have also been attacked by civilians whilst in uniforms,” said Chimonyo in the memo dated February 6.

with immediate effect no military uniform will be worn outside cantonment areas.

This applies to members commuting to and from places of work, intra and inter-city commuting. Take note that after working hours members are to put on civilian clothes and leave their uniforms in cantonment areas,”read  part of the memo. 

It is not however not clear if this is a sincere move to leave the cities or a ploy to sanitise the force ahead of the upcoming African Union summit in Ethiopia. 

The ZDF has denied all allegations levelled against it stating that their uniforms were stolen and used to carry out the various crimes including rape and murder. 

The ZDF however does not state whether the Ak47s used by the same Soilders were also stolen or not, a cause of concern as they desperately seperate themselves from the humiliating activity. 


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