Witness Makomborero Haruzivishe Testimony Delivers Blow To Zanu Pf

A witness giving oral evidence to the Kgalema Motlanthe led commission of inquiry into the August 1 “military killings” dealt a major blow on Friday to the ruling party ZANU PF party after presenting irrefutable evidence that links the killings to a well orchestrated plan by the party to retain power by any means necessary.

Makomborero Haruzivishe a Harare resident and former student leader elaborately explained how it was clear a matter of public record that senior ZANU PF officials in government openly declared they would use the military to kill in order to ensure the revolutionary party would remain in power even if it means through bloodshed.

Speaking before the ongoing Commission of Inquiry, Haruzivishe blamed President Mnangagwa for failing to reprimand members of his political party which essentially endorsed their conduct.

“When the soldiers came this was planned before and this had to happen, people had to be killed. Coming to this day when i heard gun shots and people running away i came out of Angwa city where i was having lunch and i saw people run and actually one had wounds and blood on his leg. Soldiers were pursuing and firing what i believe to be live ammunition because people were dying,” said a composed Haruzivishe

Commenting on Twitter, United Kingdom based Lawyer, Academic, writer on Zimbabwean law & politics Alex Magaisa seemed impressed  with witness  Makomborero Haruzivishe’s submissions.

Veteran journalist, Mduduzi Mathuthu was equally impressed encouraging people on twitter to share and watch the submissions.

In the same presentation the visibly young Haruzivishe took on British lawyer Rodney Dixon accusing him and other Commissioners of being a paid hand working to cover up the August 1 killings.

A fiery exchange followed as Dixon sought to interrogate Haruzivishe on the number of soldiers that he saw on the day of the killings.

Dixon: Can you just answer the question and tell us what you saw.

Haruzivishe: No. You represent rogue governments. What are you doing here? I am a taxpayer and I want to know how much you are getting paid.

Dixon: Just tell us how many soldiers you saw.

Haruzivishe: I was running for dear life, they were shooting people. Ask ED, he knows how may soldiers they deployed.

Mr Haruzivishe told the Commission he was born in 1992 and had never seen soldiers operating in civilian spaces except during the November 2017 coup and the August 1 killings.

“Our constitution is very clear. Only the President can deploy the army. If he had not deployed the military on that day we would have seen a state of emergency being declared perhaps. We saw nothing of the sort. The soldiers came to kill. They covered their faces on August 1. They did not cover their faces in November 2017,” Haruzivishe said.

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