Police Clear MDC Demonstration Tomorrow

Police Clear MDC Demonstration Tomorrow

MDC Spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume announced that their demonstration slated for tomorrow  29 November  has been cleared off by the police and they will be present to give them protection against feared external forces.

“We have received necessary clearance from the police whom we notified 7 days ago as per custom that we will be conducting a  demonstration,” adding that, “as we converne the peaceful demo tomorrow,the protection of the protestors lies in the police,”he said.

Addressing press this afternoon, Mr Mafume said he was worried about information reaching them, that Zanu Pf has released some youths from Uzumba, who will be clad in their party regalia, to cause mayhem and disturbances tomorrow.

Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet (Presidential Communications), who is also the Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba yesterday said they acknowledged the MDC ‘s constitutional right to demonstrate.

“Section 59 of the Constitution is very clear, it confers the right to demonstrate on all Zimbabweans,” he said.

However the spokesman  posted a rather vague statement that insinuated that the demonstrators action tomorrow must be the burden of the MDC not the perpetrators.

“Apparently, our laws place a burden on the organizers of that demonstration to make sure there is no injury to life, limb or property. In the event of any damage at whatever level, the onus is on the organizers and that must be known fully by the MDC-Alliance,”

“By their own admission, the  MDC  are the ones who have approached the police, they are the ones who have called for the demonstration and we assume all demonstrators belong to them. So, we hold them fully and squarely accountable. They are liable jointly and severally.”

The MDC have disregarded the putting on of regalia for tomorrow’s  event and Party Organizer  Amos Chibaya said that the march will start and end  at Africa Unity Square .

“We are going start on Africa Unity Square, and march along Jason Moyo to Leopold Takawira, and then get into Samora Machel back to Africa Unity Square,” Chibaya said.


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