Matutu, Tsenengamu Playing Games

Matutu, Tsenengamu Playing Games

In a shocking twist of events since the beginning of the week, were by Cde Lewis Matutu and Cde Godfrey Tsenengamu started off on a vigorous energetic mode to expose the corruption that was happening in the ZANU PF Party suddenly changed their minds.

Tsenengamu who had more audios circulating on social media threatening to tell the world of all the unscrupulous events and transactions that had been happening within the party and the country at large, today left Zimbabweans in awe.

Matutu and Tsenengamu announced today that they had a meeting with the commissar and other Zanu Pf officials.

‘’The political commissar is going to guide us accordingly,” said Matutu.

In addition, Tsenengamu had this to say,’’ We sat down with Amai and Tete of the party and we agreed on what we agreed on as children who are disciplined.

They are moulding us in the right direction than the one we had taken and we are giving them an opportunity to help us, therefore, we surrender everything in Tete’s hands.”

Many Zimbabweans have been left speechless by this sudden turn around of events and change of heart by the two you leaders, as they all anticipate the next move.


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