Makandiwa Warns Gvt Of Foreign Military Intervention.

Makandiwa Warns Gvt Of Foreign Military Intervention.

UFIC Leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has warned Zanu Pf Government of an inevitable international army intervention over Zimbabwe’s soil should there be any bloodshed, like the past incident which recorded 17 citizens dead, arguing that only talks between the two main parties will rescue the situation.

Contrary to recent statements by President Mnangagwa that he will heavily pounce on the next protest, Makandiwa warned the move will heavily backfire.

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In his sermon addressing thousands of  congregates today, Makandiwa said seeing blood in the street should be sacred and death of a single person must disturb the whole nation as life is vital and only God should give it and take it away. He said already, what he had prophesied in 2010   is now coming to fulfillment.

“If this happens for the third time it  will not be good. We don’t want anything that will provoke the bees ( military) from  outside. It won’t be our army against civilians, this time they will get an equal opponent,  it is going to be army against army. We don’t want that to happen because where we are  now, there’s still a chance.”

Makandiwa also explained that in his 2010 prophecy where he said a soldier ran out of bullets while shooting civilians, the real interpretation to that was a national secret, where our armory reserves had actually depleted to low levels and the government was not even aware and not ready, should the international community be deployed against the country.

Makandiwa also stated that he did not have a close relationship with politicians since they turn to order around man of God at the time they are supposed to be  asking for the word of God.


“If you had a relationship with the current system you would not come here and complain over issues. What makes the relationship absent isn’t that, neither they or I don’t want it,  but it’s because I don’t want to be told around what to do. In the relationship I should be the one telling you because you’re the one who cannot hear from God. I can spend ten years with you and never tell you a word from God, as long as you like to talk.”

Makandiwa also sensitively noted that there was a third force which makes it very unsafe for  those who think they are in power and  safe. 

Makandiwa said that he was not comfortable with such prophecies as they make him more powerful enemies, stating that also speaking positively about the current system makes you an enemy of those against it.  

“If you’re an outsider its easy  to give such a prophecy but when you’re here it’s different. And I once said this one who is loyal (VP Mnangagwa) will be  poisoned. Ah! It’s not because you want any favour. Proof that it was a terrible prophecy, don’t go by what I said or how I said it. I’m talking about you say something that even the victim himself was afraid to admit publicly that he was truly poisoned.”

There are times when you clearly deserve to hear the heart of God, not in parables, this is not prophetic, its an advise, this is already in the public domain, the house of commons is discussing this alternative already.

The UFIC leader said that it was not too late for our politicians to make  good and must take the opportunity to dialogue and  sit down   in the best interest of the  nation if we are to move  forward.

“Unity is recommended at all the times, it does not matter you call it dialogue, from the word go, working together has always been the best option and you need advise towards this. ”

Makandiwa also castigated the looting that saw goods worth thousands of dollars going up in smoke and stated that this discouraged investment and makes Zimbabwe a very bad country for any potential investor

You cannot be looting from your own neighbors and friends after they spent their hard earned money to stock, if you say the government is evil, how much more evil are you when you loot from your  own, There is no serious investor coming into Zimbabwe with such an attitude. If you are here and want to do something for the nation in the future, when you get to the position, do it with all your best.”

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces was also advised to completely remove soldiers from the streets and rather equip the police force with all necessary tools to give a good national outlook.   






16 thoughts on “Makandiwa Warns Gvt Of Foreign Military Intervention.

  1. Prophet Makandiwa is a true man of God. I wish our leaders could listen to what he says. Prophecy helps leadership to lead the country with wisdom.

  2. The writer here has left out a very important part of the Prophecy. The ones killing civilians are not from the army. These are criminals that managed to get access to uniforms and guns. These will continue to shoot civilians until the soldiers themselves cleanses their system and operations.

  3. Write in full what you would have heard or take the whole sermon put it in a newspaper Prophet Makandiwa never agreed to a dialogue he went on to say what if after you joined they refused to help you what are you going to do after creating a unity gvt and they want one party.He even hilighted Bright Matonga he said he can talk to the British himself on behalf of Zimbabwe

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