LP Gas Shortage Looms Harare

LP Gas Shortage Looms Harare

Harare has been hit by a round of Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas shortages, this comes after the government’s announcement of the 2% per dollar tax which has led to price hikes, panic buying and the unavailability of basic commodities in that particular order.

The recent price hikes has seen LP Gas going for $5/kg on the black market and in areas like Hatfield it was priced at $8- $10/kg . The major concern amongst residents in Harare is not only the amount being charged but also the availability of gas itself.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity  to TechnoMag one of the leading gas retailers in Harare said that reserves are running low and by the end of the week they will be empty.

“The gas deficit was sparked by last week’s public panic buying in the wake of the Minister’s 2% tax and increasing foreign currency shortage to the extent that the RBZ can not even avail the same amount we used to import,” he said.

Long queues have since emerged all around Harare.



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