Gvt -Teachers Negotiations In Deadlock.

Gvt -Teachers Negotiations In Deadlock.

The ongoing talks between the  government of Zimbabwe through the ministry primary and secondary education, Higher and tertiary Science and Technology , public service and ministry of finance with the teachers Union has ended in a deadlock.

The teachers demanded that they want to be paid in USD under Zimta while the PTUZ has set $3 000.00 as a limit for their take home salary amongst other issues.

Negotiations ended in a dead lock as government refused to pay salaries in USD, neither did it try to reach the $3 000 salary mark.

In a statement government said 

“In discussion with workers today Govt explained that it cannot go back to paying workers in USD as in 2009. This is because 2009 total wage bill was around $30m per month. Now it’s $300m per month. Monthly exports are around the same figure, making USD payment impossible”

PTUZ has however said if they are opening schools, their teacher salary will only be enough for them to work 2 days per week, and hence that is all they shall render to the employer. 

Zimta Secretary general Tapson Nganunu said that the long consultative meeting with government was encouraging and frank  as the government has shown signs of interest address their demands urgently.

Mr Nganunu However said

“The declaration still stands, we are incapacitated to go to work.”


He however mentioned that he was optimistic of a positive  way out

“We are still incapacitated, and we remain incapacitated and we can only be assisted after the government signs a capacitation understanding, The government in our presence instructed the negotiators from the government side  to urgently address the matter”

Zimta CEO Mr Sifiso Ndlovu said if there is no positive outcome by tomorrow, they are giving government a notice of full industrial action.




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