Bread Price up again

Bread Price up again

Zimbabweans today woke up to another shock increase in the price of bread.This increase is one of many that have taken place since January and the latest was circulated by Innscor Africa .

The Minister of Industry and Commerce Mangaliso Ndlovu said bakers need government approval before announcing any increase.

In an interview with CITE, Minister Ndlovu said

“The circular went around yesterday but I don’t think the price has actually gone up. I spoke to bakers not to increase bread. They would not be effecting the increase today and I am yet to meet the bakers on a way forward.”

“The bakers’ argument is they are importing certain ingredients, which they need to make bread but this is why we were doing a series trying to highlight that people should use local supplies.”

“Local bakers who have been using local ingredients say their bread moves faster. The other challenge the bakers said was foreign currency needed to import these ingredients but some bakers will tell you our yeast and premix are sufficient for bread production.”

Mr Ezekiel Chibodo of Glen View condemned the increase as it shortchanges consumers

“The price of bread and other basic commodities should be in considered with the prevailing economic situation but hence should remain reasonably affordable to the majority.In the past few months the Poverty Datum Line has been on the sharp rise and unpredictable for income earners who find the going tough as no wage or salary has been increased.”

Cash strapped Zimbabweans will once again be forced to dig deeper into their already empty pockets if they are to enjoy their daily bread.

The new price for a standard loaf of bread has been pegged at $2.70 from $1.80.

Additional info from CITE


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