We Can Still Talk With MDC: Mnangagwa


President Emmerson Mnangagwa today called for dialogue and constructive engagement, while he was addressing at the 2019 Heroes Day commemorations at the National shrine.

In his speech he said,

” Violence, discord, disunity, hatred, divisions, discrimination, tribalism, regionalism and corruption, must be rejected as having no place in the new Zimbabwe. Mutual respect, love, equality, peace, commitment, loyalty, cooperation, and harmony, must now be the order of the day. These values are engraved in our nationhood and indeed are an indispensable trait in our DNA.”

”For this reason, violence must continue to he shunned and rejected. Instead dialogue and constructive engagement must be promoted as the centre-piece of national development. Under the Second Republic, let us all be determined to re-kindle and permanently entrench that important national character and identity. The baton is now with us, we must not be found wanting in the present battle for economic progress and prosperity. We must run the good race and fight the good fight.”

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