The ex-minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development and ex-Zanu Pf politburo member  Professor Jonathan Moyo has recommended  power sharing deal to the Zimbabwe political stalemate.

By Budget Dube

Professor Moyo has announced that Zanu Pf government led by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa should come into a power sharing deal with the opposition party MDC being led by advocate Nelson Chamisa.

In his suggestion Professor Moyo proffered a solution that will see both Nelson Chamisa and Emerson Mnangagwa interchanging power within a certain time frame as part of his four solutions that he has offered.

Among his four solutions the professor has the following alternatives

  • Chamisa takes over as legitimate winner
  • Chamisa & Mnangagwa become co-presidents or
  • The presidency rotates between Chamisa & Mnangagwa or
  • An NTA.
  • Chamisa as Deputy or PM is NO!


  • Professor Jonanthan Moyo s five points imply that advocate Nelson Chamisa of the MDC alliance will have to come into power considering the fact that the current government has failed.
  • Why the NTA?, National Transitional Authority. This state of affairs is the reason for the call for a national dialogue and a NTA. Accordingly, the NTA is urgent because of the following factors:


  •  A dysfunctional party or state conflation: this is incapable of reform (except at the risk of involuntary abdication), neither politically nor economically; )
  • The burden of an incurable illegitimacy: this is exacerbated not only by the absence of a constitutional order, but also a heavily disputed presidential election. There is consequently continuing political and social unrest in which, since August 1, 2018 to the present.


  • Compelling evidence, therefore, that there is a party or state conflation that has lost the people, with little or no hope of recovery in the foreseeable future.


  • The compelling and urgent need for an agency (the NTA): This will provide the basis through which constitutional rule and the requisite separation of powers restored, characterized by an accountable executive, a vibrant legislature and a fiercely independent judiciary. Thus, confidence, at home and in the Diaspora, will be restored and re-engagement with the global community can take place, without which the economic recovery program cannot succeed.


However Professor Moyo disagreed to Chamisa deputizing Mnangagwa as prime minister or as deputy stating  that former MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai ended up playing underdog to the former Zanu- Pf president Robert Mugabe. Therefore the professor implies that Nelson Chamisa should never accept the position of deputy or prime minister to Emmerson Mnangagwa lest he repeats the same predicament.

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