Pressure Group Petitions Government on Economic Reforms.

Concerned Patriotic Citizens of Zimbabwe voluntary organisation (CPCZ) says they have solutions that may help in turning around the fortunes of Zimbabwe economically, politically and socially.

By Concilia Muendesi.

 CPCZ National Chairman Kisinoti Mukwazhe aired out issues summed up as the “Black One Box” which they think the government should do in order to compliment the needs of the people.

The presence of a monitoring system in Zimbabwe that over looks performance and competency of Government officials is a major thrust that was suggested to be taken seriously by the stated. 

Mr Mukwazhe said Zimbabwe lacks a monitoring system which has led to rampant cases of fraud by politically exposed people which has crippled the country.

“We question the functionality of parastatals such as ZETDC and  ZUPCO in the society on their constant change of names rather than changing the economy of the country.” He said.

The organisation raised  questions on  why would NSSA is broke when it handles pensions which are financially related.

 The pressure group recommends that parastatals should disclose the number of properties they run in order to uphold transparency to the public. 

Taken into light also was the education system of Zimbabwe which was deemed useless and does not contribute any efficiency in the building up of the economy.

“Zimbabwe should adopt a Chinese education system whereby a child is taught how to manufacture a phone from tender ages such as the infancy stage.” He said.

 CPCZ believes youth participation is critical in driving the economy because they are innovative.

The organisation said they will discuss more critical issues if afforded an opportunity to meet the President and the Finance Minister as well as other top ruling ZANU-PF officials.


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