Potraz calls for stiffer penalties against vandalism


Telecoms regulator Potraz has called for stiffer penalties against base stations vandalism due to growing incidents of the criminal act, TechnoMag can report.

Potraz officials said perpetrators of vandalism now face a jail term.

“People are stealing fuel, batteries and solar panels when the network is disrupted it’s you the consumers who are affected and cannot transact. Let’s work together, we know you know these thieves they leave within the community lets report them to the police as they are putting our country backward,” said a Potraz representative at a consumer education and awareness campaign in Harare.

“We are advocating for stiffer penalties for base station vandalism and we should work together as POTRAZ, operators, the community, local authorities and law enforcement agents to eradicate vandalism. Those who steal should rot in jail as they are doing a de service to the industry , economy and the community at large” added another official.

The regulator added thieves have become so daring to the extent of threatening the lives of security guards on physically-manned sites.

As a way to raise awareness Potraz will be conducting roadshows in Masvingo, Chiredzi, Triangle, Rutenga, Neshuro, Ngundu, Renco, Muchakata, Mapanzure, Sese, Mushandike and Nemamwa.

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