‘Mnangagwa Is As Soft As Wool’: Chamisa

MDC President Advocate Nelson Chamisa says that he will not be using any form of violence or force to coerce President Emmerson Mnangagwa to come to the negotiation table because Mnangagwa says he is soft as wool.
Responding to a question from a journalist, during a press briefing today at Morgan Tsvangirai House, Advocate Nelson Chamisa said Mr Mnangagwa was as soft as wool unlike what the journalist was implying that force will be inevitable as the President was not an easy person to push to a corner.
“Your analysis is wrong, he said (referring to Mnangagwa) he is as soft as wool, so we will counter on that softness and he will come to the negotiating table,” Chamisa said.
Chamisa added that it is also in the best interest of Mr Mnangagwa to be on the negotiating table so that he also leaves a legacy to the next generation of partaking in the economic turn around of the country, rather than being the person that drove the country into the dungeon.
The MDC President has been calling for a national transitional authority to lay a framework that will resolve the ongoing political and economic crisis the country is currently facing. Since last year,Zimbabweans have been experiencing rapid price hikes with the availability of food, fuel and pharmaceuticals dwindling.
Zanu Pf has since dismissed Chamisa’s call for transitional authority saying it was not feasible and unconstitutional. However the worsening economic crisis has corned Zanu Pf to start the unpopular political dialogue POLAD which has also resulted in a couple of candidates pulling out alleging that the dialogue was a sham and the conveners were not sincere.

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