MDC Youths Ready To Confront ED Government


The newly elected MDC Youth Assembly yesterday held its first National Council to complete the unfinished business of the Gweru congress.

After the Council they then addressed the media where they released a statement launching a scathing attack of the ruling government and baldly said they would adopt a confrontational approach against the deplorable state of the country.

MDC Youth Assembly National Chairperson Obey Sithole read the statement in which the youth were fully aware of the problems the country is facing.

“As progressive young people of Zimbabwe we are concerned by the deteriorating socio-economic crisis,we will not watch whilst citizens are being oppressed and our parents needlessly harrassed. As an Assembly we are very much alive to the fact that the author of all these challenges is one political party by the name Zanu PF which is in the advanced stage of decomposition.” read the statement.

The assembly also noted with concern the economic decay in the country and adopted to take a liberal confrontational stance.

“It is against this background that the Assembly today agreed on confrontational approach in dealing with this corrupt and illegitimate military regime.Confrontation is constitutionally permissible under the supreme law of this land.We are taking the decision to confront this regime knowing fully well that the answer to the national question lies in this generation which has the future to safeguard.”

“The MDC Youth Assembly we are going to set the pace in making sure we save this nation from despondency and deprivation.We are neither unapologetic nor afraid to take this regime head on to ensure that we bring back the dignity,the decorum of our people.” read the statement.

The statement further denounced corruption as it had adversely affected the functioning of the country and reminded the ED government that it was living on borrowed time.

The Assembly also castigated the government for allegedly using covert,Gestapo and fascist tactics in abducting any discerning voice.

“Attending to this is the increased crackdown on democratic forces as evidenced by the callous and detention of civil leaders.”

The MDC has been on a collision course with the government since the 2018 Elections with the party has on record and on different platforms dismissed as a huge farce and a sham.This statement comes hot on the heels of alleged confrontational remarks made by the party leader Nelson Chamisa in Gweru during their congress.

As the socio-economic crisis deepens political players have been called upon to put the country first and engage in political dialogue as a way of coming up with solutions to improve the lives of the people.

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