Makandiwa Warns, The Zimbabwe gods Are To Be Destroyed.


Renowned Prophet and founder of United Family International Church, Emmanuel Makandiwa warned that the Zimbabwean gods are soon to be destroyed in a move that will prove that the true God exists in this nation.

Makandiwa said Zimbabweans can protest and demonstrate all they want against the problems but there are no results as the problem now needs spiritual powers to break forth.

In a sermon that he unpacked last Sunday, Makandiwa said that he had to pre-empt the development so that when it happens many will surely know that it is God at work, as strange things are about happening.

” You people you can’t do much! You can talk or protest all you can but you can’t do much!”

Makandiwa said that he was fully aware of the root cause of the Zimbabwean problems and these are mainly driven by people who have created alters and worship gods and idols that even demand blood of innocent citizens in Zimbabwe through rituals.

“Stop accusing each other for what’s happening in Zimbabwe, its beyond what humans can do. Do you know what is Zimbabwe? What you’re seeing happening to Zimbabwe is according to these spiritualists.

All the problems we are facing are being caused by witchdoctors who are lying to the people to commit evil. People are killing others because it’ll be a prescription from another lying witchdoctor. Those witchdoctors are not arrested by the police but we have the power to arrest them. 

All the problems we are facing are the works of the gods of this nation. To them it’s an achievement to see the people suffering. They specialize not in building but in destroying


Makandiwa added

The devil is a liar! There is no other God but our God! Our God answers by fire and He is God! We complain more than we pray. We have to speak. If we do not speak, nothing will happen.

“Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, visit your altars. Keep on visiting until I tell you to stop. What is going to be happening is very strange. This matter has now come before the immortals. Zimbabwe you shall fear God. You’ll be seeing a lot and hearing a lot but I won’t say much but it’s The Hand of The Lord. God is about to judge the gods of this land.

Elijah told the people that if your god is God, let him answer by fire. But if Jehovah answers by fire, let us follow the God that answers by fire!

After the coming of the fire, there will be rain!

Let the God that answers by fire be God!

said Makandiwa

He closed his sermon by stating that there must be deliverance for the nation because a nation can be possessed or bewitched or cursed.

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