ED’s SONA fails to address key issues


HARARE- President Emmerson Mnangagwa failed to deliver an inspiring State of the Nation speech Tuesday afternoon which also marked the opening of the 2nd session of the 9th parliament session. His speech failed to speak on the bread and butter issues which are affecting majority of Zimbabweans.

In his presentation, ED was simply reiterating pipedreams that have been in the public domain for example, the recapitalisation of NRZ has been in public for the past 2 years since the controversial consortium of Zimbabwean investors failed to raise the required capital, which was later confirmed by Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza in a post-Cabinet meeting earlier this year.

The President’s speech did not offer tangible solutions to the current inflation crisis which has seen the cost of living soaring in the past year.

“Government has noted with in sync with concern the emergence of monopolies as well as cartels which stifle competition and engage in unjustified price hikes.

While Government will not revert to price controls, we are nonetheless, in the process of reviewing the Competition Act in order to introduce deterrent penalties to combat such business malpractices,” said Mnangagwa.

The same sentiments have been repeated since his inaugural speech.
The realignment of the Mines and Minerals Bill is also likely to take forever, the delay in passing the Bill into Law will result in continued smuggling of the minerals out of the country depriving the nation of potential revenues.

Corruption, one of the major cancers currently fuelling economic instability was not addressed convincingly in the SONA.

What ordinary people wanted to hear was how the Anti-corruption monitoring agencies would be capacitated and that it won’t be business as usual, instead the President said.

“Corruption retards our development, frustrates our ease and cost of doing business reforms and robs us of revenue.”
The issue of striking doctors and reported cases of abductions, issue of passport productions, were not also tackled in the SONA.
Inflation is fast eroding peoples incomes and business is in trouble. It is such bread and butter issues people want.

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