Chiwenga, Mnangagwa Occasionally Usurped Mugabe’s power.


Robert Mugabe’s Principal Private Secretary Mr Lawrence Kamwi divulged top secrets and events which unfolded at state House including hosting Robert Mugabe hostage while he was still the president.

In his statements the top secretary said that Zimbabweans should not believe the narrative that Mugabe ran down the country alone, rather he stated that In more often times, the then Army General Constantio Chiwenga and Vice president Mnangagwa  had power to even turn down Mugabe’s suggestion and once held him hostage for four hours. 

He said for example that ANJIN, a Chinese company that mined diamonds in Marange in Manicaland was foisted on Mugabe by Mnangagwa.


He also said the Army unilaterally expanded the size of its diamond mining concession in Marange including taking over a protected concession against Mugabe’s advice and will.

Kamwi said the $98 million Defence Forces College project and the Long Chen Plaza built by the Chinese in a wetland thereby causing headaches for environmentalists are both the brainchild of Mnangagwa and Mugabe just officiall opened them.

He said for example Mugabe was uneasy on one of the days to see Mnanagagwa who had asked for a meeting arriving at State House together with the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Constantino Chiwenga and a busload of 32 Chinese from ANJIN.

‘But I thought you said Mnangagwa asked for a meeting? Then why did he bring the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces,’ asked a livid Mugabe.

Kamwi wrote in an article published in the local Daily News last week that Mugabe is no saint but in the same vein he is not the monster that the public had come to know.

He said Mnangagwa was particularly powerful in Mugabe’s Government to the extent that he together with Chiwenga at one time held the former President hostage at State House for more than four hours.

Mnangagwa could change Mugabe’s meeting schedules and overturn decisions of the former President, said Kamwi in the article in which he painted a gloomy picture of the prospects of turning around the fortunes of ZBC and making its editorial line more professional.

‘On another day, Mnangagwa and the Commander of the Zimbabwe Forces held an extraordinarily long meeting with the President. I only got to know how acrimonious the meeting was when Mrs Mugabe called. The two had allegedly held the President hostage in his office for four hours.

‘At issue was the subject of diamond mining, where the Defence Forces were unilaterally expanding the size of their concession. In this expansion, they had also taken over a protected concession. The former First Lady claimed that they refused to listen to the President’s reasons for the existence of the disputed mining claim,’ said Kamwi in the article.

During a meeting with Ray Kaukonde at his palatial Blue Roof mansion last year, Mugabe is reported to have apologised for removing him from the party for siding with Mujuru saying his decisions were influenced by Mnangagwa.

“He actually said Chiwenga came in his military fatigues and sat in the chair behind him with a long military-style dagger and insisted that Mujuru and her allies should be removed from the party.

“He said he feared the long knife, something which Kaukonde appeared to disbelieve,” a source said.

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