BreakingNews: RBZ Promises Delta Foreign Currency, Reverses Decision On USD Sale


The acting President General (Retired) Dr. C. G. D. N Chiwenga today held a meeting with Delta corporation  where they reached an agreement that the national reserve bank will fund Delta with  pressing foreign currency

Following a meeting convened by  Chiwenga with Delta Corporation and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, at his Munhumutapa Office, on 3 January 2019, the following statement is issued jointly by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Delta Corporation.

The parties agreed that: 1. Delta withdraws the notice to sell its products exclusively in hard currency, in the spirit of the multi-currency framework.

2. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will endeavour to provide the foreign currency required to ensure that Delta continues to trade on the current basis.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor
P. Gowero Chief Executive Delta

The statement however lives to see the light of the day as government is in serious foreign currency need with daily fuel requirements and medical demands, which are a national priority.

The precedence set will only give striking doctors and teachers more energy to press the government on the USD demands as they offer the same hand towards liquor and beverages. 

In the meantime , Apex today  have called in for a national demo across all civil service in demand of salary in foreign currency 

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