Bread price hike looms


HARARE- Bakers are currently in talks with Government and suppliers of packaging materials as they contemplate to hike the price of bread by 50 percent.
Currently, bread is selling at ZWL$10 in most retail outlets.
The price hike, to ZWL$15, is on the back of an increase in operating costs.

This is expected to worsen the already dire situation as consumers are already feeling the sting of an increase in fuel and power tariffs while their wages remain stagnant.
An increase in bread prices is likely to open the floodgates and trigger price hikes for most goods and drive inflation.
In a snap survey by TechMag this afternoon shows most supermarkets and shops in and around town did not receive bread from bakers.

In Sunningdale, Mabvaku, Hatcliffe and other suburbs visited by the this publication, shops did not receive bread supplies on Tuesday and Wednesday as bakers await to reach an agreement.

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