August 16 Protest To Be Monitored Using Digital Cameras To Prevent Violent Elements


The opposition MDC party has said that it will use digital cameras to monitor the August 16 protests to ensure that they are peaceful and that any unruly elements intent on causing mayhem will be recorded and identified.

MDC National Spokesperson Fortune Daniel Molokele said,

Digital cameras will be used to film the entire march to ensure that any violent planted elements trying to disrupt the peaceful march will be fully recorded.

The opposition-held several peaceful demonstrations in the runup to the July 2018 elections and during the Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry hearings.

However, the August 1, 2018, and the January protests later degenerated into violence.

Officials from the ruling Zanu-PF party have been warning that they will not tolerate any violence with Deputy Defence Minister Victor Matemadanda warning that soldier will be deployed to kill protestors.

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