Armed Police Cause Panic In High Density Suburbs


As the economic turmoil prevailing in Zimbabwe is simmering and may explode at any time,the security sector has stepped up efforts to thwart any threats.On Wednesday heavily armed police descended on Glen View suburb and sent many residents into panic mode.

The presence of police was a way to stop a monthly MDC Glen View South meeting that was scheduled to start at 5.30pm. About 60  riot police details literally camped at the venue for more than 3 hours and they came back again just after 8pm to monitor any untoward activities.

When TechMag TV crew arrived ,heavily armed police were milling around the house were the meeting was to take place.Some were in a big truck whilst others were in a small white truck. 

A MDC Glen View official whom we spoke to scoffed at the presence of the police saying nothing would stop the revolution agenda.

“We have been through the worst so what these riot police are doing is a complete waste of time and we are not fazed by their action and the revolution agenda will go ahead.Our meeting was to give people feedback and see how our grassroots structures can move forward.”he said

As an implosion beckons,State security agencies have been on high alert due to the deplorable  socio-economic crisis obtaining in the country, MDC President  Nelson Chamisa issued a mass protests warning to trigger fresh elections as a way to force President Mnangagwa to institute urgent and genuine political dialogue.

“We are going to make sure that you (Mnangagwa) fail. We invited traditional leaders because we honour our chiefs. We also invited the Speaker of Parliament, but he didn’t come.”

“I saw enemies of the people trying to go to the courts and I told them that when it comes to the courts you will not defeat us because we have the best legal team.

“What we are saying to Zanu-PF leaders is that it is now time for new leaders with fresh ideas and leaders who can make new mistakes,” the vibrant Chamisa said.

State security agencies have been closely monitoring movements within the MDC camp and events in Glen View are part of the grand security script.

The country is in an economic quandary and the past month has been the worst for the Second Republic which is in dire straits to deal with the situation.As a result,they have placed all security sectors on high alert as there are fears that the country is ripe for a massive implosion exacerbated by fuel shortages and basic goods price hikes.


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